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Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra - Carnegie Hall, May 2014

“under music director Alexander Mickelthwate, [the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra] play with excellent intonation and such a fine overall blend and balance of sound that, on their own terms, they may be the best orchestra to appear in the week’s worth of concerts.”

George Grella,

Young Concert Artists Gala - Lincoln Center, May 2013

“Mr. Mickelthwate, who is in his seventh season as music director of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, drew lively and sensitive performances from the St. Luke’s players. During the preconcert ceremony, Susan Wadsworth, the founding director of Young Concert Artists, made a point of thanking Mr. Mickelthwate for contributing three days of rehearsals to this benefit concert. It showed.”

Anthony Tommasini, New York Times

Seattle Symphony Orchestra and Leila Josefowicz, April 2011

“Alexander Mickelthwate exuded youth and energy on the podium. But he was more than that. He had insight, depth and stylistic range… Not all conductors are interesting to watch. Mickelthwate is. His arms are eloquent and his body expressive, without resorting to podium gymnastics. He may be young but he conducts with poise and confidence. I hope he returns soon.”

R.M. Campbell,

St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, April 2010

“Mickelthwate offered an impressive interpretation of legendary experimentalist Cage’s “The Seasons” that brought out the menace within its sparseness and silences.”

Rob Hubbard, TwinCities Pioneer Press